Our Therapists

We are a team of experienced and professional practitioners who have been helping clients with a wide range of musculoskeletal and sports injuries for many years.

We provide a range of treatments including physiotherapy, sports massage, acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation.

Our aim is to provide a personalised and tailored service, helping you to get back to your best. We understand that every individual is unique and therefore we will tailor our treatment and advice accordingly.

We use the latest techniques and evidence-based practice to ensure the best possible outcome for your condition. We strive to be at the forefront of our profession, keeping up to date with the latest research and best practice.

Our team of specialist physiotherapists and sports massage therapists have advanced qualifications and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Society of Sports Massage and Rehabilitation.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to recovery.

Grant Steele | Sports Massage Therapist

Grant qualified in 2006 from the prestigious Raworth holistic and sports therapy college in Dorking. Grant has worked in private clinics and around the Surrey Hills areas since.

With over 15 years working in sports massage therapy, Grant has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Coupled with the position of 1st Team sports therapist for local semi-professional football club ‘Dorking Wanderers’, he is proficient in treating every kind of sports and non sports-related injury issues.

Tom Parker BSc | Sports Therapist | Injury Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Tom graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a BSc Sports Therapy degree and has since worked in private clinics across the Southeast as well as several sports clubs, including the Crystal Palace first team and Lewes FC.

Working with all sorts of people, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, Tom has a real passion for his work and loves nothing more than getting patients back to feeling great and doing what they love doing.

Over the last 4 years, Tom has gained much experience and knowledge making him proficient in treating a huge range of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

Sherneen Thomas | Sports Massage Therapist

Sherneen qualified her Level 4 Sports Massage with a Distinction from the highly regarded St Mary's University, Twickenham.

Sherneen believes Sports Massage is not only relaxing but essential for injury prevention and aiding physical endurance and performance. She promotes enhanced movement through the body using a variety of techniques, tailored to individual needs.

As a mum of two, Sherneen has found it immensely satisfying in offering massage during pregnancy. It has been shown to provide many benefits including a sense of wellness, improved sleep, ease of pain and reduced anxiety.

As a very active person herself, Sherneen believes in looking after our bodies to enjoy life to the full.

Amanda Catherine | Reflexologist & Maternity Reflexology & Massage

With 30 years of experience in holistic massage and aromatherapy, Amanda is a highly qualified reflexologist with a genuine passion for her art.

Her knowledge and expertise bring a comprehensive understanding of reflexology, leading to countless successful outcomes for her clients.

Amanda specializes in providing support during and after pregnancy, aiming to reduce pain and anxiety while promoting faster healing after birth.

We are delighted to have her as a resident of The School House Clinic.

Jill Trowell | Sports Massage Therapist

Jill Trowell is a sports therapist with a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science and a Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy. She specialises in a range of techniques, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilisation, Kinesiology Taping, Exercise Rehabilitation, Movement Analysis, Sport-Specific Strength and Conditioning, Postural Analysis, and Correction.

In addition to her work as a sports therapist, Jill is actively involved in sports coaching. She serves as the vice-chair for the Westcroft Triathlon Club and has several coaching qualifications, including:

Level 3 Swim Teacher
Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach
Level 1 Triathlon Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach for Triathlon

Jill is currently pursuing her Level 2 Triathlon Coaching qualification to further enhance her coaching skills.

Throughout her life, Jill has been a competitive swimmer. She has represented Wales at the international level and won the British Universities Swim Championship. While she still trains with the masters squads in Epsom and Cheam, her focus has shifted to open water competitions, where she participates in 5km and 10km events. In 2023, Jill attempted a channel relay with two others, but unfavourable weather conditions prevented them from completing it. Despite this setback, Jill remains determined to conquer this challenge.

Faye Moussu | Vestibular Physiotherapy Specialist

Helping you regain balance and conquer dizziness. 

Faye is a dedicated and experienced physiotherapist specialising in treating conditions that cause vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance. Her passion for improving patients' lives began during her time at the Falls Prevention Service for the NHS, where she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by individuals struggling with these issues. 

Driven by this passion, Faye embarked on a journey to deepen her knowledge and expertise. She completed the world-renowned intensive course, "Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency-based Course," equipping her with the latest evidence-based techniques to effectively treat vestibular dysfunction. 

What sets Faye apart: 

  • Over 18 years of experience as a physiotherapist: Faye brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each patient encounter. 
  • Specialisation in vestibular rehabilitation: Faye is dedicated to staying at the forefront of this specialised field, ensuring her patients receive the most effective treatment available. 
  • Compassionate and empathetic approach: Faye understands the frustration and anxiety associated with dizziness and imbalance, and she provides a supportive and understanding environment for her patients. 
  • Individualised treatment plans: Faye creates personalised programs tailored to each patient's unique needs and goals. 
  • Clear communication and education: Faye believes in empowering her patients by providing them with a clear understanding of their condition and treatment plan. 

In her spare time, Faye enjoys staying active as a keen netballer and mum of three!