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Grant Steele or Sherneen Thomas

Grant Steele | Sports Massage Therapist

Grant qualified in 2006 from the prestigious Raworth holistic and sports therapy college in Dorking. Grant has worked in private clinics and around the Surrey Hills areas since.

With over 15 years working in sports massage therapy, Grant has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Coupled with the position of 1st Team sports therapist for local semi-professional football club ‘Dorking Wanderers’, he is proficient in treating every kind of sports and non sports-related injury issues.

What Grant's Clients Say ...

Gavin D.

Grant has managed to work through a number of muscle injuries caused from running whilst also helping to improve a longer problem with my posture and neck trouble. Through various massage treatments Grant has also helped get me back to a pain free neck and shoulder after a herniated disc issue. Can’t recommend enough! Great spacious treatment room with a friendly atmosphere. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jack W.

I first went to see Grant when I had injured myself a few weeks before my first 10k run I was training for (I was struggling to walk, let alone run!). I can safely say that without Grant, I would have never crossed that finish line! He got me back to full fitness in just a few sessions, and explained the details of the issue and how to fix it. I have been seeing Grant for a number of years ever since and can highly recommend!

Sam Cartwright BSc (Hons) MCSP | Physiotherapist

Sam graduated from Brunel University with a first-class honors degree in Physiotherapy and has quickly progressed through the ranks to senior level in the NHS. Sam draws upon his learning and experience to provide highly specialised and individual musculoskeletal assessments and treatments to help his clients reach their goals.

Sam is a keen sportsman, and a competitive Triathlete. He enjoys treating sporting and non sporting injuries alike and has worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports. This includes working with the Brunel University Sports Scholarship Programme, and the London Marathon.

What Sam's Clients Say ...

Laura S.

I would highly recommend Sam as one of the most knowledgeable and professional physios in the area, with a true understanding of running and sports training, and the ability to shape rehab and long-term injury prevention advice accordingly.

Tom Parker BSc | Sports Therapist | Injury Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation

Tom graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a BSc Sports Therapy degree and has since worked in private clinics across the Southeast as well as several sports clubs, including the Crystal Palace first team and Lewes FC.

Working with all sorts of people, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, Tom has a real passion for his work and loves nothing more than getting patients back to feeling great and doing what they love doing.

Over the last 4 years, Tom has gained much experience and knowledge making him proficient in treating a huge range of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

What Tom's Clients say ...

Amy T.

Have been seeing Tom for injury rehabilitation for the past few weeks after a running injury. He is very kind and patient with me when I am struggling. Would recommend him to anyone & wouldn’t see anyone else!

Harriet W.

After sustaining an injury whilst running I went and saw Tom, it felt like I was running again in no time. The exercise plan that Tom gave me was great, the exercises were easy to understand, and the plan was easy to do at home. I couldn’t recommend Tom enough!

Sherneen Thomas | Sports Massage Therapist

Sherneen qualified her Level 4 Sports Massage with a Distinction from the highly regarded St Mary's University, Twickenham.

Sherneen believes Sports Massage is not only relaxing but essential for injury prevention and aiding physical endurance and performance. She promotes enhanced movement through the body using a variety of techniques, tailored to individual needs.

As a mum of two, Sherneen has found it immensely satisfying in offering massage during pregnancy. It has been shown to provide many benefits including a sense of wellness, improved sleep, ease of pain and reduced anxiety.

As a very active person herself, Sherneen believes in looking after our bodies to enjoy life to the full.

Amanda Catherine | Reflexologist & Maternity Reflexology & Massage

With 30 years of experience in holistic massage and aromatherapy, Amanda is a highly qualified reflexologist with a genuine passion for her art.

Her knowledge and expertise bring a comprehensive understanding of reflexology, leading to countless successful outcomes for her clients.

Amanda specializes in providing support during and after pregnancy, aiming to reduce pain and anxiety while promoting faster healing after birth.

We are delighted to welcome her as a resident of The School House Clinic.

What Amanda's Clients Say ...

Charlie K.

Wonderful Indian head massage today. I was left feeling totally relaxed and peacful. Thank you so much Amanda. Xx

Mark L.

Fabulous massage from Amanda, left me feeling very refreshed and relaxed - highly recommended!

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