Meet Nancy – Local retailer and mother

Nancy came to The School House Clinic with a significant side shift in her hips. 

Firstly, we had to rule out the possibility of an intervertebral disc issue (which is often the case with this type of presentation) or was it purely a muscular spasm?

After several dynamic mobility tests, we were satisfied that there were no present disc irritations or herniations.  This allowed me to begin a deep tissue massage to the posterior chain (back, neck, glutes, and hamstrings) continually palpating for areas of adhesion, tenderness, and potential tears to the fibres of the muscles.

I used a combination of deep tissue treatment, muscle energy techniques, trigger point work and Chinese cupping, which allowed me to free off any tense, sticky myofasia, as well as any tight superficial muscle fibres.

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This then enabled a deeper type of treatment at a follow up session, 7 days after first visit.

Nancy’s muscular system was in good condition and due to her regular yoga regime her body was able to heal quickly after the initial treatment.

Her side shift was significantly reduced after a few days. (See picture) I was then able to clear out any remaining residual tension in the affected area and any other locations needed i.e., mid back, glutes and hamstrings.

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