Who would have thought that the most natural state of pregnancy is to feel totally unnatural? Some of us seem to sail through the nine months (or so!) with ease, while others of us have all the aches, pains, sickness, and anxiety. Our bodies go through so many changes to accommodate for the precious little ones we are growing lovingly and selflessly inside us. It's time to get all the support you need girls!

Add to your regular antenatal care by booking into pregnancy care with reflexology.

I’m here to help alleviate some of your discomforts, anxiety and help you to rest, sleep better and even help to reduce labour pains in the final act.

If mother nature needs a little nudge to get things moving after being full term for too long, I can help to start things going. And aftercare can help with your natural healing process. It's the least intrusive treatment and has a high success rate. Come along and we can work out a programme that suits you.

In just one reflexology treatment, 7000 nerve endings will be stimulated, opening neural pathways helping to improve the functionality of the body.

It is known to: improve metabolism, reduce toxins, improve circulation, improve mental health, improve respiratory health, reduce pain and balance the endocrine system.

I trained in Swedish massage with the Northern Institute of Massage in the early 1980's. Since then I’ve become a trained reflexologist. This has given me a sound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, enabling me to treat clients with a high degree of competency, with a variety of health needs. It is important to understand that the principles of reflexology differ from traditional Western medicine. Although it is regarded as a complimentary therapy, it is advocated widely by medical professionals as a valid and successful healing resource.

I can also treat you ladies to relieve many menopause symptoms and help couples with some fertility issues. I offer support during and after pregnancy, helping reduce pain, anxiety and encourage quicker healing after birth. I can even help to give mother nature that little nudge to get labour started if you have gone past your due date. Most full treatments will take 4 to 8 sessions to make a real difference but it is my belief that we all need to take time out of our busy schedules to lie down, relax and have at least one reflexology treatment to restore homeostasis and allow our natural healing process to take place.